Dark Lane Anthology: Volume One

The first Dark Lane Anthology, which I edited, was released on 7th April 2015. 

Featuring a host of talented writers from around the globe, a wonderful cover by David Whitlam, aswell as interior artwork by Martin Greaves, Vikki Yeates and Sally Barnett the book is available in paperback and for kindle.  

Featuring stories by James Everington, Carina Bissett, M.R. Cosby, Matthew Lett, Martin Greaves, George Cromack, S.P. Lazarus, Sana Aslam, Matthew M Bartlett, David Elliott, Beau Jonson, Michael McGlade, Jeremiah Murphy, Andrew MacKenzie, Michael S Walker, B.M. Long, O.L. Humphries, Douglas J Ogurek, Jeremy Hill, F Charles Murdock, and myself.

Within these pages you will find dark adult fairy tales, strange creatures glimpsed out of the corner of the eye, unusual artefacts, and adventures that quickly take on the semblance of a fever dream. As benefits the international source of the authors, some of these stories take place in the city, some in the desert, whilst others travel into deepest space or attempt to investigate the darkest recesses of the human mind. There are tales that will cause you to shiver, tales that will make you laugh, and some that will merely make you ponder.

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