Tim Jeffreys was born in the old cotton mill town of Oldham, Lancashire, in 1973.  He displayed a creative bent from an early age which eventually led to him escaping the car-wreck of his early education and attempts at employment to study Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds University on the other side of the Pennines.  Unfortunately, by this time writing had become his main focus.  His early influences included writers of the macabre and fantastical such as Stephen King, Mervyn Peake, Ray Bradbury, and Angela Carter; Pre-Raphaelite Art, The Surrealists; foreign cinema; the Alien trilogy; Bladerunner; and The Crow.  From this melting pot, he began writing short stories at the turn of the millennium, eventually collecting them together as his first book The Garden Where Black Flowers Grow.  Never one to do things in the easiest and most-obvious way, Tim did – for a period of time - also get professional actors to read his stories out loud, which he then recorded in a proper recording studio and collected together as audio books.  Over 1000 of these were sold via his website and sent out all over the world until pod-casting upstaged these efforts.

In 2011 his first short story was professionally published in the Horror Zine anthology What Fears Become.  After this, Tim became determined to see more of his work in print, and has since gone on to have over 50 of his short stories published in anthologies and magazines.  These stories have been amassed in further collections - The Lucky Penny and Other Stories and From Elsewhere - in which he hopes to show that, if nothing else, he is improving.  In 2016, his novella Voids – co-written with his good friend Martin Greaves – was published by Omnium Gatherum Books, which has only served to encourage Tim further; although he still hates writing about himself in the third person.

Other writers Tim admires include Jeffrey Ford, D.H. Lawrence, Alice Munro, Truman Capote, Iris Murdoch, Laird Barron, Dylan Thomas, Margaret Atwood, Robert Aickman, and Rebecca Lloyd.
Though Tim now has children and a mortgage, and must therefore make a show of being an adult, he still retains that child-like love for sea-monsters, deep space, sirens, aliens, exotic women, robots, strange locales, spaceships, vampires, werewolves, private I’s, femme fatales, magic, and spooks of every kind.  And he will continue writing about these things until common sense or public opinion forces him to stop.

To hurl abuse or goodwill, or just to say hi, contact Tim at:  He will most likely respond in kind.

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