Friday, 12 May 2017

A Thousand Hours

My short story, 'A Thousand Hours', appears in a new anthology from UK-based publisher Mantle Lane Press called Mrs Rochester's Attic: Tales of Madness, Strange Love, and Deep, Dark Secrets.  Check out that awesome cover!

The title of the book says it all really, so there isn't anything more for me to add except to say that my own story is a near-future tale of a lonely sales rep named Ryker and the new love of his life, Gen.  To say more would give the story away.  Except below:

“I didn’t used to believe in it,” Ryker would tell people whenever he got the opportunity.  “But now I do because I’ve found it.  I’ve found it with her.  With Gen.  Sure I’ve had feelings before, right?  But not like this.  Never like this.  There’s not the smallest doubt in my mind that what Gen and I have is true love.  The kind of love you hear about in all the songs.  The kind of love you never really understand until you’ve felt it.  Something real.”

Many thanks to editor Matthew Pegg for including my story in this great-looking book.

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